Managing Partner Rachael Maltese was asked in 2010 by Scotsman Guide, an industry leading trade magazine geared to US commercial mortgage brokers, to give their readers insight into financing in the renewable energy world. 

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In October 2011, another article by Ms. Maltese was featured in WasteAdvantage Magazine.

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In today's financial climate we know how often people are given the run around only to hear the word "no." Finding affordable sources of capital is just as hard as finding someone who will work with you as a team, someone as passionate and motivated as you are, and someone who offers straight talk

At Greener Earth Financial Solutions we pride ourselves on being persistent and adaptable. The rules of the game are constantly changing as the market tries to stabilize and return to normalcy. That's why we offer conventional and creative financing options for our clients. We know exactly what can and can't be done, and if it can, guide you every step of the way. We put our relationships first, completely understanding your needs to succeed and holding them as our own. We think out of the box; it's the only way we can most efficiently use our resources to tailor project specific financing packages for our clients. 

We're using our experience and expertise to not only achieve the funding our clients deserve and need, but also offer our network of lenders and investors sound investment opportunities to satisfy their strong appetites to allocate capital toward a multitude of industries, from green energy to real estate to manufacturing. It's our way of helping to create a better tomorrow.

Our Promise

We don't pass along any information to anyone we don't have standing relationships with. We don't give out any confidential information without the protection of non-disclosure agreements. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed... so our best interest has to be your best interest.